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First, Middle, Last – Why Not Full Name?

Few years ago someone told me that I should write my first and last name when signing contracts or filling any form (right in that order). It was obvious for me for all those years. But I must be aware that it’s not true in every country. How with others?

In every application, that store user data, you have “name” field. It’s often divided into first and last name. Such architecture helps with sorting (using last name) and it’s convenient for programmers (we LOVE tables, don’t we?). I’ll try to answer question: is first/last name good global design choice? What would be user experience all over the world? Do everybody have last name?


Will Skype Translator Revolutionize Your International Support?

Skype Translator can become C-3PO's legacy successor
Skype Translator can become C-3PO’s legacy successor

One day my grandfather told my dad, that in future water will be sold in plastic bottles. In early 60’s Poland my father burst out laughing.

When I first saw “Star Wars: New Hope” about twenty years ago, Iwould never assume that C-3PO-like translation will be possible (well, Iwould also never thought, that Disney will make seventh episode). Nowadays we have so fast technological expansion, that when I heard about technology that allows real-time communication in different languages – I almost ignored it.

In this article you can read about new Skype feature, you’ll learn how it can help deaf people and why is it important to your international customer support. Take your time!

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Why UTF-8 is Best Encoding for You and Your Customers?

UTF-8 will make your application a lot easier to internationalize
UTF-8 will make your application a lot easier to internationalize

Back to 2005 I had no idea what is character encoding, why I see � in text files or what is the difference between Unicode and UTF-8. It looked so complicated, that I felt like a blind man every time I needed to deal with this. In this article you will learn all nuances of encodings, why UTF-8 had become standard and how they call unreadable characters in Japan.


What is the Turkey test?

The Turkey Test
What is The Turkey Test?

Hi! This article will cover the topic of Turkey Test. Have you heard about it? Well, you should. Passing it will almost guarantee that your application will work with any locale.

Disclaimer: You should know, that my background is polish. Therefore, I can confirm that half of turkish problems will arise with polish locale.


The Beginning

Paul Tomkiel


My name is Paul Tomkiel and for last four years i’ve been working for LangLion company.

As I’ve been in need for information about covering proper translations, date formatting and other localization concerns, I spent hundreds of hours on research. What I noticed is that there’s not so much useful content out there.

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