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Code Localization In 2015

Happy new year!

New year is always a good occasion for summarizing old year. Same here. For me and CodeL10n it was year full of “first-things”. First of all, I decided to start this blog :) There was a gap when I was in need for good L10n content (you can read more on that in About page). Let’s see what 2015 brought and what will 2016 bring.

  • First article on this blog was published 30-03-2015, and that’s the date considered as start day for this blog. Even if this is the date for first article, the idea behind it was in my head from the beginning of 2015.
  • First viral was article about Unicode 8.0.0 dated as 19-06-2015. I was surprised how traffic went in 1000% over night. Also, in this specific post you can see that I try to make every of them as useful as I can, news posts included.
  • First, Middle, Last – Why Not Full Name? – piece of content I’m especially proud of. I tried to answer questions about building forms, how should we store people names in database or how should we ask for them in globalized world. Must read for every UX designer!
  • First conference I attended officially as CodeL10n owner, PHPCon.
  • First connections with other people involved in L10n and i18n. To that point I was just programmer looking for answers. Now I see great potential in exchange of thoughts (as topic of L10n is still developing). I especially like work of Ultan Ó Broin who is doing great job mixing UX with L10n on @localization, Transifex (translation management platform) providing great articles about live translation and T9n best practices on their blog, Jacob Stempniewicz from Andovar writing insightful and >2000w articles based on his L10n experience in Asia (Journey to the West (西游记) – taking Chinese out of China was my favourite this year), and last but not least Lingoport (responsible for Globalyzer) with their webinars about implementing i18n into development process. Everyone’s responsible for different field of Globalization, together we can do great things!

Code Localization in Numbers

Numbers are a good way of controlling progress. Let’s see what’ve been done here:

16 Articles – gives almost two articles per month

7, 226 Site Views (5,627 Visitors) – most of you are US and GB based, but I’ve seen people from all over the world

84 Social Followers – well, here we have plenty of room for improvement :)

Map of CodeL10n visitors in 2015. Only Greenland and some Africa countries are not aware :)
Map of CodeL10n visitors in 2015. Only Greenland and some Africa countries are not aware :)

As you can see – it’s just beginning. My goal remains the same – to build greatest resource about L10n. To achieve that I need two things: great content and your help. If you consider my blog valuable, please share it so it can possibly reach someone who needs it.

What Will 2016 Bring?

After reading a few of my articles you probably realized by now what is my writing style. I try to make every piece of content as insightful as I can. Because of that my goal is to keep the pace of creating new content (two articles per month) to provide you highest quality.

I’ll still be focusing on possible obstacles in running globalized business. Also, you can expect answers from field of programming as well as articles on other topics slightly connected with i18n (like The Story of First Computer Virus or How To Hack PayU). Join me in my journey :)

Thank You!

All of that wouldn’t be possible without you (and I mean you). What’s the reason for writing if no one would read it? Thank you for being here, for every good word, every feedback, every topic idea and every share. Let’s move on to 2016 together!