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Will Skype Translator Revolutionize Your International Support?

Skype Translator can become C-3PO's legacy successor
Skype Translator can become C-3PO’s legacy successor

One day my grandfather told my dad, that in future water will be sold in plastic bottles. In early 60’s Poland my father burst out laughing.

When I first saw “Star Wars: New Hope” about twenty years ago, Iwould never assume that C-3PO-like translation will be possible (well, Iwould also never thought, that Disney will make seventh episode). Nowadays we have so fast technological expansion, that when I heard about technology that allows real-time communication in different languages – I almost ignored it.

In this article you can read about new Skype feature, you’ll learn how it can help deaf people and why is it important to your international customer support. Take your time!

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