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Everything You Need to Know About Cookies: Part 3. Explicit or Implied Consent?

Everybody’s wrong in complying with EU cookie law. Seriously, there’s no one who would comply with it in 100%. In this article you’ll understand why. At the end you’ll also know differences between implied and explicit consent, and when you can use it on your website. Let the journey into EU legislation begin!

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Everything You Need to Know About Cookies: Part 2. Types of Internet Cookies

In first article you learned what are cookies and where the name come from. Also, I briefly explained how UE treats cookies and where they see potential problem. But most important for me and you is information how to properly comply with EU cookie law.

Depending on cookie type, UE treats it in different way, so you should know all of this usages. That’s what you’ll learn in this article.


Everything You Need to Know About Cookies

Do you remember cookie monster? That one guy from Sesame Street which was eating any amount of cookies in violent manner? Well, EU took special interest in the matter of cookies. Now offering a cookie must be overt.

In May 2011 new EU (European Union) directive about website cookies came into effect. Everyone whose website is hosted within EU or targeted towards EU citizens must comply with it. It means, that you have to ask your website users for consent when storing cookies on their computers.

In this article series I’ll cover what are cookies, what kinds of them we are using, and what’s the difference between implied and explicit consent. At the end, You’ll also know when you don’t need to ask for consent and how to properly comply with EU cookie law on your website.


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