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My name is Paul Tomkiel, and I’m a programmer.

If you’re like most of my readers you are working on internationalization of your product/application as a manager or programmer. Or maybe you’re running website and you want it translated to second language? Also if you’re owner of global business, your interests will most probably intersect with many of my articles.

What you need to know is that i18n just enables localization. And L10n is most important to the end user. There is only one first impression. You can’t afford to miss that opportunity.

L10n itself is a little bit tricky, because of all that aspects:

  • date, currency or time format can differ between countries,
  • even first day of the week can be different,
  • communicating globally via SMS or e-mail need special attention,
  • if you translate to new language, it still can have many slang variations used in different parts of country,
  • right-to-left or left-to-right writing?
  • how to handle user time zones,
  • user assumptions and understanding of symbols can be different,

…and that’s just a fraction of possible problems.

On my blog, you’ll learn what are the best practices in such cases. Basing on my experience, I will show you how to implement global solutions (for example communication with your customers via SMS). How to properly internationalize your application, what issues may arise and how to overcome them.


For last four years i’ve been working for LangLion company as a solution architect. It were years of our global expansion, and I gained lots of experience in fields of globalization, internationalization and localization of application.

I want to share with you my mistakes, my successes and what I’ve learned.

All of content I’m creating is dedicated to you, my reader. I would be grateful if you would like to leave feedback if you like it. You can do it through Contact tab.